Our Story

Tribe Kelley is our way of life.
Founders include designers, Brittney Kelley, and husband, Brian Kelley.

To All,

Tribe Kelley is our mantra, our way of life. We believe being a part of "the tribe" encourages uniqueness and individuality.  Tribe Kelley is an eclectic mix of what we both have gathered and learned from all different varieties of clothing. Spending time among different cultures inspires me to integrate elements from all over the world into Tribe Kelley.

I have always been intrigued by fashion but never had the courage to pursue it as a career. I started my own Etsy shop when I was at the University of Georgia and secretly knew my heart was in design. I was studying for Accounting and Psychology, meanwhile on my downtime I was hand dying and altering shirts, breaking down old vintage jewelry to make new jewels, and painting quotes on old barn wood. On college breaks I would thirst for travel and ended up being fortunate enough to explore Europe, Guatemala, Costa Rica and French Polynesia. I saw culture and fashion in a different light and I knew my dream was to cultivate creativity in some form.

As for the inspiration for Brian and I to start a clothing line together, that was obvious when we caught ourselves altering and cutting basically every piece of clothing we own. Both Brian and I are blessed enough to be modern day nomads, venturing out to experience all walks of culture and vogue. We figured we would be missing an opportunity if we didn't create a small capsule collection of our own, even if it didn’t sell. It is important to Brian and I that we manufacture as many of our goods in the United States as we can. Although there are some products that will require imported materials, we are proud to keep manufacturing in based in Los Angeles, CA. We develop and design every product you see on our website either in Nashville, TN or Los Angeles, CA.  We both agreed that we want to make quality clothing that our consumer will appreciate and promise to harvest a business that will continue to make our tribe happy. 

Throughout our collections, you will find a theme of natural colors and materials that have been hand picked for comfort and you will find styles that are cultured with love. Tribe Kelley wants to provide pieces that are easily recognizable in a crowd of trend. This clothing is designed in the midst of travel, playing shows, and chaos; meanwhile manufactured right here in the States in Los Angeles, California. Our team has poured time and detail into each piece you will receive from Tribe Kelley. Look for clandestine messages in our clothing that can give you an inside to our creative minds.  For example, the teepee that you find in our logo has several meanings. I am proud to say I have Native American blood in me passed down from my maternal lineage. Brian and I also have a real 23-foot teepee at our home in Nashville, Tennessee that was a wedding gift from Brian’s duo partner, Tyler, and his fiance, Hayley. The teepee is a place Brian and I shared many special and creative moments and what better image to symbolize our family, our pack, our Tribe, than a teepee.

We genuinely appreciate your interest in our story. We are eager to attract others that will appreciate the uniqueness of our pieces and build our tribe up by word of mouth.  Join the tribe! We are excited to share our magic with you. 

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