Tribe Kelley Halloween Costumes

Tribe Kelley Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween at Tribe Kelley and the team at the Surf Post and Trading Post have put together some of their favorite costumes using TK pieces.  So don’t panic if you still don’t have a costume, we have you covered!


Oh Deer! 

Bring out your Cosmic Hoodie and Cosmic Joggers, and simply add a pair of antlers. 



Dress in all black with the Galaxy Sleeve and Moto Skirt, and throw on a witch’s hat. 


Pair the Co-Ed Jacket and the Co-Ed Pants and throw on the Road Tripper Beanie

Risky Business 

Dress as our favorite Tom Cruise character, wear our new Hunt Club Collection Shirt Dress with a pair of socks and your coolest shades. 


Hunt or Be Hunted 

Our new Hunt Club Redwood Flannel, our black Road Tripper Beanie just carry your own axe and you're good to go!


Let me hear you Rawr!

Our Tan Safari Bomber, Fusion Legging and Traveler Bra and throw on some ears!



Giddy Up!

Want the Western look? Check out our Hunt Club Dress Shirt.


Go Green or Go Home 

Dress up as the Hulk with our Green Club Crew


White Field Joggers, Field Blazer and Nude Bodysuit.  Complete the look with a Halo. 


The MVP top, Camp Counselor and the Malibu Mesh Jacket pair with some devil horns. 

GI Jane 

Dress up with our  Camo Bodysuit,  Field Joggers.


Peace Out

Rock the Hippie look with the Staff Bells, and MVP top. 

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