Our Story

Tribe Kelley is a USA made clothing brand founded and operated by wife-husband duo, Brittney and Brian Kelley. The brand is a collection of transitional fashion pieces that are intended to keep you feeling comfortable and stylin' from the plane to the party (or business meeting). Creating jobs domestically and ethically producing our clothing is important to the brand. Each piece is designed with love, carefully sourced and proudly produced right here in the United States.

tribe (noun) | \’trīb\

: a group of humans that share a common interest or connection

 We believe being a part of "the tribe" encourages uniqueness and individuality. Tribe Kelley is an eclectic mix of what Brittney & Brian have both gathered from spending time among different cultures. Traveling inspires them each to integrate elements from all over the world into the brand.


"The teepee that you find in our logo has several meanings. I am proud to say I have Native American blood in me passed down from my maternal lineage. Brian and I also have a real 23-foot teepee at our home in Nashville, Tennessee that was a wedding gift from Brian’s duo partner, Tyler, and his wife and my good friend, Hayley. The teepee is a place Brian and I shared many special and creative moments, and what better image to symbolize our family, our pack, our Tribe, than a teepee. ”- brittney kelley

 made in the states

“It is important to u that we manufacture as many of our goods in the United States as possible. We develop and design every piece either in Nashville, TN or Los Angeles, CA.  We both want to make quality clothing that our consumer will appreciate. Our team has poured time, detail and love into each piece you will receive."- brian & brittney kelley


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