5 Design Tricks to Copy from the Trading Post

5 Design Tricks to Copy from the Trading Post

In the little neighborhood of Hillsboro Village, on the corner, lies a brick house restored as Tribe Kelley Trading Post. This is home to the Tribe.  

The first thing we hear when someone walks into the Trading Post is something along the lines of "Wow! I wish this were my house."  What you see is years of design work from Brian and Brittney, a collection of one of a kind furniture and trinkets from their adventures on the road.

However, there are some tips that we're sharing with you to make your house as bohemian, rustic, and charming as the Trading Post here in Nashville, TN. 

Get ready to be inspired. So here are 5 tricks to make your house look like the Trading Post.


1. Add Florals

It's in the little details and we love these whimsical flower vases.  It gives each corner a feminine touch. 

Do It At Home: Add small vases with flowers. It gives the impression to any guest that you purposely set out flowers just for their arrival!


2. The More Crystals, the Better

Big, little, every color we don't have a particular favorite because we NEED them all. 


Do It At Home: So unique and so eye-catching! Place them around your house to spark energy or just a conversation. 


3. Make it a Jungle 

Brittney's vision behind the store is to make it look like we're inside the woods, and it seems like every other week we are receiving new plants handpicked by Brittney. 


Do It At Home: Don't be afraid to bring some bright greens into your house. Take a deep breath and soak up all the nature.  


4. Make it Cozy

 We love it when y'all come into the Trading Post and we want you to be relaxed trying clothes on in the dressing room.


Do It At Home: Make your home cozy enough that you'll never want to leave. Can't you picture yourself curled up after a long day? 


5. Home sweet home.

The sweet aroma of candles burning, we get so many compliments that the Trading Post smells soo good!


Do It At Home: Well, we bottled up that scent and you can bring it into your own home. No one can argue that a candle always makes a home more inviting!


6. Light it Up 

Whenever you pass by the Trading Post, day or night, we have twinkly lights out front on our trees. 

Do It At Home: You don't need to save it for the holidays. Twinkly lights make every day special!


We hope you'll steal some of these tips for your own house! It's the little details that add a little magic to our lives. 



Don't forget to share how you incorporate these tips on social @tribekelley

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