How to Create a Vision Board

How to Create a Vision Board

At Tribe Kelley, we are always trying to challenge ourselves and chase more adventures. And guess what? There is plenty of adventures to go around. We are now entering the gray months of winter and we want to feel inspired even when we are… well…tired!

So we breaking down the steps to create a Vision Board.  What exactly is a vision board? It is a visual to help inspire your dreams and goals.

Step 1: Dream Big

Okay, Tribe. We are going to dream, dream embarrassingly big. It is easy to let the things we love slip by in life when we make excuses.  This step will help you set your priorities straight and put your passions first. 

Admitting our dreams can be kind of embarrassing and hard to accept sometimes! So this forces us to be confident.

Step 2: Design it!

This stage is where you can be crazy and creative! Rip through magazines, scroll through our Tribe Kelley Pinterest. Don’t overthink, only collect anything and everything that catches your eye.


What exactly are you looking for in your images? Good question.
It can be a far off place encouraging to you want to travel more! It could be a quiet coffee shop inviting you to devote more time to yourself. It can be a style icon, emboldening you to dress more daring!


Words, mantras, quotes. What do you want to live by? For this step, think of quotes that will encourage you when you’re looking in the mirror in the morning. What’s going to inspire you when you want just to give up.

Step 3: Practice What You Dream!

Now starts the visualization process. Take this vision board, hang it up, or set it as your phone wallpaper. Look at it every day, EVERY DAY. The more you look at it, the more you’ll be inspired.  It will be a constant reminder of what you find most inspiring and daring in life.

Then set goals for yourself! It is easy to wish for things. But the Tribe is full of doers. And this board is supposed to encourage you when you want to give up. So set realistic goals for yourself, do you want to spend more time exploring? Look up hikes that are close by; you don’t have to go across the world to have an adventure.


Be a Visionary!

A vision board should help you decide what matters the most.  Sometimes, when we get caught up in our crazy busy lives, we don’t make time for what is most important to us. These images can help us attract more beauty and adventure into our lives.  It can be a cheesy quote that gives us the confidence to leave the house in the morning.

We hope you’ll take the leap and make a vision board!
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