Self Care Sunday: Island Time with Tribe

 Self Care Sunday....because you deserve it!

What is it about being on an island that makes us feel like we don't have to look at the clock? Most of the time we are counting down the days till our next vacation.  Is it impossible to create “island time” in our daily lives? Well, here at the Tribe we have tested this theory and consider it possible. 

We sat down with the ultimate beach girl herself, Alden Easter @aceatthebeach, and show us how she practices self care.

Read a book

You know that book, every vacation you throw it in your beach bag because you finally have time to read it. But where is it the other days of the year? Take the time to relax and just read a couple pages a day! 

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Don’t look at your phone

When at the beach all we’re worried about is sand and salt water. Our phone never on our minds. So throw your phone in a drawer and light a candle!  

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We always take the time to hydrate our skin after our time in the sun! But let’s give it a little TLC the rest of the year. 

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Enjoy the View

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and listen to your favorite album. Sit on a balcony or simply open a window, sometimes you need to just enjoy the view. 

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Go for a Walk

No, you don’t have to work up a sweat. And no, you don’t need a destination.  Use our calming blends oils and you’ll be as calm as a walk on the beach. 

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Ok, Tribe.  We all deserve to treat our days like a vacation.  It's important to practice self care on a daily basis, take a step away from the clock and embrace "island time" wherever you're at on the globe. We hope you can incorporate these small ways into your daily life.