FW19 Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes

IT’S A TUESDAY MORNING in Nashville, Tennessee. And we’re on set for the Fall 2019 photoshoot inside the barn that Brittney and Brian Kelley have restored into their hide away bar.  The interior has wood paneling, tee pee artwork, and a bar fully stocked with Old Camp Whiskey. Tucked in the woods, this barn is the perfect location designed for this season’s new collection Hunt Club. 

What do you need for a great photoshoot?  Exquisite lighting? Check. Killer photographer? Check. Oh and good vibes all around. Well, that’s exactly what the Tribe Kelley Fall ‘19 shoot looks like this year. Country singers Brian Kelley, Canaan Smith, Lacy Cavalier, and Danielle Bradbery all modeled for this year’s collection.

The day started off by photographing catalog shots for the website, capturing every detail that Brittney Kelley designed for this collection.  The shoot is led by photographer Delaney Royer and brand manager Kylie Jarriel who give creative direction and analyze each shot. The morning is filled with quick changes, strong coffee, and a little help from our styling team. Oh and more designer shoes than you can imagine, as Lacy Cavalier swears she’s going to take them all home with her.

As the the afternoon rolls around, we begin shooting the look book.  On a creative shoot you never know where that gasp worthy shot will come from.  So the girls begin to experiment and start jumping on couches, hoping on swings (yes there are swings inside this barn) and at one point Brittney throws on a cow boy hat and climbs a ladder.  Tribe girls are nothing, if not bold. 

Brian Kelley wants the men’s look book to be very natural so they start throwing darts and pouring whiskey.  However, once Brian and Caanan pick up their guitars we all know this would be the winning shot. They begin strumming some chords as Delaney photographs this candid moment.  They both turn around after getting caught up in the song and laugh “Oh are there still people here? Forgot we were at a photoshoot.” 

After a long day and a couple of whiskey shots later the Fall 2019 shoot is wrapped up. So let the games begin, it’s hunting season at Tribe Kelley.