Style Guide: How to Layer Your Jewels

Style Guide: How to Layer Your Jewels

Did someone say new jewels at Tribe Kelley? That's right, we are now selling unique jewelry from Joy Dravecky. We love this brand because this husband and wife duo find their inspiration from traveling the world! Their coin pieces are replicas of century-old pieces that they've found during different markets around the world during their travels. The fashion line is 14k gold plated over brass, super durable, and wearable.

But we have a serious dilemma, we just love it so much that we are wearing ALL of it. However we have to admit, our layering is a total look! So we're sharing our Tribe Guide to Layering!

Layers on Layers

The first step to layering is to consider the length. Try and pick 3 pieces that have even space between them.

Statement Piece

Start with two thin layers and then add a statement piece for symmetrical balance. The eye will automatically be drawn to this coin! 


Time to get bold. Try mixing and matching the textures of pieces. We like stacking delicate necklaces with chunky pieces!

Mixing Metals

We’ve heard it time and time again don’t mix silver and gold, well we are breaking this rule.  Sorry not sorry!  Why should we have to choose one or the other.  If you are looking for the excuse to wear them both, here it is!


We want to know how you wear your jewelry, so tag us on social media! And be sure to come into the Trading Post and Surf Post to try on our jewelry! 




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